If there is something you would like to know that is not addressed here, please email me at [email protected]


Do you have a waiting list?

Yes! You can find the wait list here.

My embroidery has some little pen marks on it, what are those?

I use heat sensitive pens to sketch out your embroideries before I stitch them. All marks are ironed off before sending. In rare cases during shipment temperatures can reach below freezing and the ink can re-appear! If you receive your embroidery and there are any pen-like marks on it, no fear – you can easily remove them! Simply use a hair dryer on a hot setting or gently pass over the embroidery with an iron. If you have any questions or concerns about this process please don’t hesitate to ask!

Why is there such a long processing time on custom embroideries?

Good question! Not only does each embroidery take anywhere from 15-30+ hours to hand stitch my art, but I am also managing a website, living life, and working with other customers (sending them sketches, answering messages, etc.) There is also always a queue of embroideries to stitch through as well! If you need your embroidery by a specific date that’s before the 4-6 week span I do offer a rush with an added charge! Contact me for more details on rush charges.

Can you make me a patch?

Unfortunately, no. However, feel free to create your own from one of my pieces! Let me know if you’re wanting to turn your embroidery into a patch and I’ll ship it without the hoop. Then you can trim the fabric down and create a patch yourself!

I don’t want my embroidery to be in a hoop! Can you frame it for me?

I can’t frame it for you, but I can leave extra fabric around your embroidery and ship it to you without the hoop! Let me know if you’re planning on framing it so I can plan ahead while creating your embroidery.

What kind of photos should I send you, how many do you need, and how should I send them to you?

These are all great questions! Please refer to this post concerning what sort of images to send. I create your embroidery right from your photos so please send a good representation of what you want your portrait to look like! 2-4 images are ideal. You can send the photos to my email, [email protected]

If you have a question concerning the policies, please refer to
the shop policies page!


What kind of fabric do you embroider on?

I embroider everything on cotton twill fabric.

Can you embroider my turtle (horse/fish/ferret/hedgehog, snake, bird, etc) or do you only stitch cats and dogs?

Of course I can! I know pets aren’t limited to just cats and dogs. I’m open to embroidering any species 🙂

Do you embroider human portraits?

I do not. Only animals!