Interested in a custom embroidery hoop? Start by browsing from the styles in my shopIf you see one you like, simply click “Add to Cart” to complete your order. If you have any questions about the quality of your images start by referencing this guide – if you are still concerned about the quality of your images, feel free to email me first! Send order inquiries to We will work together to create the perfect piece of art of your beloved friend.


Only a handful of the detailed pet portrait embroidery listings will be available each month. Join my mailing list if you want to be the first to know when they’re available! I will send out notices a week before commissions open as well as the day before. You can also follow my Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date on commission openings! All commissions will be taken on a first come first serve basis.


Predicted commission drop: Late December



Creating Your Own Custom Pet Portrait

These hand embroidered pet portraits are the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life – whether it be you, or a friend! Not only can I stitch your pet in a multitude of styles, but I can embroider any species of pet. No fur? No problem! These custom pet portrait embroideries are a wonderful way to honor a beloved pet that has passed on. Celebrate your pet’s life by memorializing them with a completely unique piece of art!

Current processing time: about 5+ weeks 



Embroidery Details

• All of my work is hand stitched on clean cotton twill fabric.

• Embroidered with DMC cotton floss

• Your embroidery will arrive stretched in its hoop with the back finished.

• Each embroidery design is handcrafted specifically from your provided personal photos!

• Everything is created in a smoke-free and pet-friendly environment!


After Ordering

After your purchase, I will need photos of your pet! 2-3 photos are best, but the more the better! Clear photos with good lighting are what I’m looking for. You can send photos to me through my email, Once I’ve received some photos, we can discuss all the wonderful ideas you have for your embroidery! I’ll get something sketched up for you and once we agree on a design I’ll get stitchin’! Don’t know what kind of photos to send? Here’s a handy blog post I wrote to help guide you! 


From Me to You

When I’ve finished your embroidery and you’ve given me the ‘go ahead’ to ship it, it’s time to get it packaged up! Before shipping, your embroidery hoop will be lint rolled to remove as many cat hairs as possible. Embroideries are then placed in a brown bag and wrapped with a strand of hemp twine. Finally, items are tucked into bubble mailers and shipped through USPS with a provided tracking number.

*Additional care instructions: as I work, I use heat sensitive pens to sketch out my designs. All marks are ironed off before sending. In rare cases during shipment, the temperature can reach below freezing and the ink can re-appear! If you receive your embroidery and there are any pen-like marks on it, no fear! You can easily remove them! Simply use a hair dryer on a hot setting or gently pass over the embroidery with an iron. If you have any questions or concerns about this process please don’t hesitate to ask!