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Pet Portrait Mastery

Mentorship for Aspiring Embroiderers

This mentorship program offers aspiring embroiderers the opportunity to master the art of creating custom pet portraits. Through personalized guidance and hands-on instruction, participants will develop the skills and techniques needed to create intricate and lifelike embroidered portraits of beloved pets. Join me to unlock your creativity, refine your craft, and embark on a fulfilling journey of pet embroidery.

1:1 Mentorship tailored to your needs

Discover a personalized mentorship tailored to your unique needs. Immerse yourself into a flexible learning experience that allows you to work at your own pace while acquiring valuable skills for future projects.

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Helpful Feedback

Collect invaluable feedback on your embroidery as you work, helping you refine your techniques and improve your craftsmanship


Each finished project will receive a detailed critique and advice on how to advance your embroidery for your next piece.

Creating Patterns

Get support creating the initial pattern – whether it be guidance as you do it yourself or having one drawn for you.

Choosing Colors

Receive expert guidance on selecting colors to achieve a detailed and realistic portrait.

See below for the different levels of mentorship and what they offer.

How do I know if embroidery mentorship is for me?

Whether you’re making your first stitches or honing your embroidery skills, every mentorship term is tailored to support you in achieving your artistic goals with precision and expertise.

This is NOT a class or a course. There are no pre-recorded videos, live calls, streams, or strict weekly schedules. We all have busy lives so enjoy working at your own pace with designated check-in days. All communication will be done through email. Each mentorship will be focused on one portrait and all advice and guidance will be relevant to it.

If we haven’t met yet…

Hi, I’m Michelle!

I’m a hand embroidery artist who specializes in pet portraits. In 2014, I established Stitching Sabbatical in my small studio apartment as a creative outlet to break the monotony of summer. One day, I impulsively decided to embroider my favorite photo of my cat, Purrl, and that moment ignited my passion for creating embroidered pet portraits. What started as a simple endeavor soon evolved into a deeply rewarding artistic journey.

Driven by my appreciation for the bond between humans and their animal companions, I find immense fulfillment in capturing each pet’s essence through meticulous stitches. With every stitch infused with love and care, I strive to craft personalized artworks that authentically reflect the unique personalities of my clients’ cherished pets.

After spending so many years teaching myself the art of hand embroidery, I now also create resources so others can learn the same craft. I have written two books; Pet Portrait Embroidery, and Embroidered Animal Portraits, and filmed an online video course with Domestika that teaches the thread painting technique.

I hope to share my passion for embroidery with my students, instilling within them a profound love and appreciation for this timeless craft.

My extensive background in art

I have been creating and making art my whole life – which led me to study Fine Art at Ohio University. I took classes on everything from color theory to photography and dabbled in many different mediums.

Almost 10 years of experience

I have been teaching myself hand embroidery since 2014 and have learned so much throughout the years. Each embroidery is a chance to gain a new perspective and skill.

Over 600 portraits stitched

I have refined my techniques while embroidering hundreds of pet portraits. I have stitched all sorts of fur colors, patterns, and textures. Each portrait is a unique experience that I thoroughly enjoy.

I’m an author and instructor

My book, Pet Portrait Embroidery was published in 2021 and quickly became a bestseller. In 2022 I created an online video course with Domestika.

A significant milestone

Over 20,000 students

I’ve had the pleasure of instructing over 20,000 students globally through both my book, Pet Portrait Embroidery, and my Domestika course on thread painting.

As I continue to share my love and knowledge of this craft, my commitment remains strong in empowering more individuals to explore their creativity and excel in embroidery through personalized mentorship.

Level 1 – Classic


For those who are already familiar with embroidery.

  • Guidance with your pattern or choosing a reference photo
  • General tips and advice as you work
  • Book & Course discount
  • Check in every other week or as needed
  • Critique when finished
Level 2 – Elevated


For those who are familiar with embroidery but need a little extra guidance.

  • Guidance with pattern and will re-draw parts if needed.
  • Help with choosing colors as needed.
  • Composition advice
  • General tips and advice as you work
  • Book & Course discount
  • Check in every other week or as needed
  • Critique when finished
Level 3 – Deluxe


For those who are unfamiliar with embroidery and would like help through the whole process.

  • Guidance with choosing and/or editing a reference photo
  • Will create the pattern for you if needed
  • Fundamental color suggestions for the full pattern
  • Composition advice
  • General tips and advice as you work
  • Book & Course discount
  • Check in every other week or as needed
  • Critique when finished
À la carte

Looking for some extra assistance or a one-off critique?

Inquire about these other mentorship services or add them to your program. Pricing varies.

  • Pricing advice
  • Critique of a previously finished piece
  • Embroidery business or social media tips
  • Finding your niche or marketing tips


Want to know something else? Send me an email and I’ll answer your question.

Absolutely! YOU are the one doing all of the hard work. You can use this mentorship to work through a difficult commission if needed.

No, this mentorship is only for pet/animal portraits.

It’s not required but it’s very helpful to reference.

If you start with a Level 1 or 2 mentorship and decide you’d like a more involved experience you can upgrade to another level! Just pay the difference in cost. Pricing varies for à la carte additions.