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 If you have any questions about the quality of your images start by referencing this guide – if you are still concerned about the quality of your images, feel free to email me first! Send order inquiries to [email protected].

We will work together to create the perfect piece of art of your beloved friend.


I take commissions through a waitlist.

Click here to find the waitlist and read more information about it.

Submitting to this waitlist does not guarantee you a commission.
Each portrait takes a different amount of time and creative energy so orders are not taken on a first come first served basis, but are accepted based on order complexity and what I can fit into my schedule.

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Creating Your Own Custom Pet Portrait

These captivating hand embroidered pet portraits are the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life – whether it be you, or a friend! Not only can I stitch your pet in a multitude of styles, but I can embroider any species of pet. No fur? No problem! These custom pet portrait embroideries are a wonderful way to honor a beloved pet that has passed on. Celebrate your pet’s life by memorializing them with a completely unique piece of art! Portraits aren’t just limited to pets. I welcome all wild animal and fantasy commission requests!

You can submit a request for a commission through my waitlist.

Click here to see what people have been saying about their commissions on the Testimonials page.

Embroidery Details

• My work is hand stitched on clean cotton twill or Kona cotton fabric.

• All of the embroidery is done using a single strand of DMC cotton thread.

• Detailed embroideries can take anywhere from 40-50+ hours. Detailed portraits with two pets can take 80+ hours.

• Depending on your request, the embroidery will arrive stretched in a hoop with the back finished, framed, or with just the fabric so you can have it framed yourself.

• Each embroidery design is handcrafted specifically from your provided personal photos. No two portraits are the same!

• All work is created in a smoke-free and pet-friendly environment.

After Ordering

Once I’m available to take your commission and the payment has been received, I will need photos of your pet. Two to three photos are best, but the more the better! Clear photos with good lighting are what I’m looking for. You can submit these photos with your waitlist request. Don’t know what kind of photos to send? Here’s a handy page to help guide you! I can only stitch what I see, so the better your reference photo is, the better your embroidery will turn out.

You can send photos to me through my email, [email protected]. Once I’ve received some photos, we can discuss all the wonderful ideas you have for your embroidery. I’ll get something sketched up for you and once we agree on a design I’ll get stitching!

From Me to You

When I’ve finished your embroidery and you’ve given me the ‘go ahead’ to ship it, it’s time to get it packaged up! Before shipping, your embroidery will be lint rolled to remove as many stray cat hairs as possible. Embroideries are then cushioned on a bed of tissue paper and placed in a sturdy box. All embroideries shipped through USPS with a provided tracking number and will require the customer’s signature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a pet portrait? How much do they cost?

I take commission work through a waitlist. Click here to read more info about it or sign up.

Pricing depends on the style and size of the portrait. Here is a pricing page with more information.

Do you only do pets or can you do animals or people?

I can embroider any pet or wild animal species, including birds, fish, reptiles, and etc.! The only subject I can't embroider is human portraits.

Can you embroider on an article of clothing?

Unfortunately, no. However, feel free to create your own patch from one of my pieces! Let me know if you’re wanting to turn your embroidery into a patch and I’ll ship just the portrait on the fabric without the hoop.

When will you be able to take my order?

Since I have a casual waitlist, there is no strict order to how I take commissions. There is no 'place in line'. Please only sign up for the waitlist if you're okay with waiting. I can only do so many portraits at a time and there are now hundreds of submissions on the list. However, please do not let that deter you from signing up! Not every submission is able to be taken due to photo quality.

What if I only have really old and grainy photos to use as a reference?

If your photos aren't very clear, I will ask you to submit different ones. I won't be able to take your request if a good reference photo can't be supplied. If you would like a detailed portrait but only have low quality photos I can still make you an outlined one!

So what kind of reference photos do you need, how many, and where should I send them?

These are all great questions! Please refer to this post concerning what sort of images to send. I create your embroidery right from your photos so please send a good representation of what you want your portrait to look like! 2-4 images are ideal. You can send the photos to my email, [email protected] or submit them with your waitlist request.

Do you ship to (insert country name here)?

Yes! I ship internationally. Shipping is included in the price of the portrait.

I don't have a Google account, how can I submit to the waitlist?

If you cannot access the Google form please email me the following:

  • Fabric color choice:
  • Type of pet portrait, detailed or outlined:
  • Size of portrait:
  • Framing choice (embroidery hoop, ACMS Frame, just the fabric):
  • Do you want embroidered flowers or any other additional accents?
  • Do you need this portrait by a specific date? Rush charges are accepted.
  • Short description of what you'd like embroidered:
  • Additional notes about your order:
  • What country do you live in? (For anticipating shipping times if the portrait is needed by a specific date):

And please include your choice of 2-3 good quality reference photos.