Scroll down for a handy pricing guide for all of my embroidered pet portraits! If you have any questions about what sort of pet portrait to get or the total pricing, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


I take commissions through a waitlist.

You can find the waitlist and read more information about it here.

Standard pet portraits consist of just the embroidered pet and their name if desired. There are additional charges for framing or extra embroidered details such as flowers, flower crowns, border details, and etc.
Please see below for all size and customization options. Portraits can be stitched on either white, off white, or colored fabric.
All prices are in USD.

Detailed Pet Portraits

Detailed pet portraits base price:

• 6″ – $950
• 7″ – $1150
• 8″ – $1350

Detailed Double Pet Portraits

Detailed double pet portrait base price:

• 7” – $1700
• 8″ – $1900

*note – the photo examples shown above of double pet portraits are of past work and do not reflect my current skill level.

Outlined Pet Portraits

Standard outlined pet base price:

• 5” – $85
• 6” – $100
• 7″ – $160

Outlined Double Pet Portraits

Outlined double pet portrait base price:

• 6” – $160
• 7” – $190
• 8″ – $310

Additional Charges and Other Details

Your standard embroidery will include a hand-stitched portrait of your pet and their name. Your embroidery will be shipped in a wood stained embroidery hoop or a fame if chosen. You can choose to have your embroidery sent without the hoop if you would like to have it professionally framed. Your embroidery can be stitched on white, off white, or colored fabric.

• Embroidered flowers or other accents (collars, objects, etc)

      $50 base price for any size

• Upgraded decorative embroidery frame from ACMS Needlework Shop

      $30 extra charge